Blue Light Cars

New Mazda Blue Light Car Scheme Offer

As a Mazda main dealer we are part of the Blue LIght Car Scheme, offering exceptional savings across the Mazda range for all Blue Light Card holders.

Who is eligible?​

Blue Light Sales (BLC)

  • Serving and Retired Police Officers
  • Serving and Retired Paramedics
  • Serving and Retired Fire Fighters
  • NHS Doctors and Nurses
  • Prison Officers

Defence Discount Service Card (DDS)

  • Serving Member
  • Military Veteran
  • MOD Employee or veteran
  • RNLI Volunteer
  • Military Reservist
  • Military Cadet Instructor

Whats included with DSS Military Programme

  • 3 Years Warranty - All DDS customers get the normal free 3 year/60,000 miles comprehensive Mazda UK warranty.
  • 3 Years Roadside Assistance - All DDS customers also get the normal Mazda UK roadside assistance including roadside, home, and national cover with onward travel and European cover for the first 3 years.

For more information please contact our Mazda team, Richard or Kevin on 01536 268991 or visit