Drive a brand new Fiat 500 Hybrid

While your Fiat 500 has a full Visual Health Check and Valet

All for just £50

Call our Fiat Service team on 01536 268991 to book.

The Visual Health Check includes:

Inside the vehicle: Horn, Instruments, Accessory Car Mats, Air Conditioning

Under the bonnet: Engine Oil Level/Condition, Water Coolant Level, Power Steering Fluid Level, Auxillary Belts,

Anti-Freeze Content, Brake Fluid Level, Battery

Lights: Mandatory Light Front, Side and Rear, Other lights

Under Vehicle: Exhaust/Catalyst, Steering Suspension, Driveshafts/Oil Leaks, CV Joint/Boots

Brakes/Hubs: Master Cylinder/Servo, Shoes/Drums, Calipers/W Cylinders, Hoses/Pipes/Cables, Bearings/Hubs,

Fluid/Fluid Leaks, Front and Rear Brake Pads, Front and Rear Brake Discs

External: Check number plate condition, Wipers/Washers

Tyres/Wheels: Near side and Off Side Front, Near Side and Off Side Rear, Spare Wheel

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