Fiat Fixed Price Servicing Offer (for cars 3+ years)

From Just £149

Here at Rockingham Cars we recognise the importance of keeping your car in good working order. Whilst Fiat have quite strict servicing requirements to comply with their warranty, once the car turns three, and is no longer protected by their warranty, you can choose a service that best suits your needs. We've created three fixed price service packages to help you do this.

Getting your car serviced by the right people, with Fiat knowledge and using the best parts is an easy and affordable way to keep your car safe, legal and in good working order.

Bronze (Budget Care) - Petrol/Diesel £149

Check for body defects, check operation of lights, check washers and wipers, check engine oil, drain and refill with engine oil, fit new sump plug washer where applicable, fit new engine oil filter, check brake pipes and lines, check exhaust system, inspect tyres and set pressures, report on tyre tread depth, visually check cooling system for leaks, check anit-freeze content, check drive belts (exludes cam belt), check all fluid levels, check battery condition, visually check front brake pads and discs.

Silver (Standard Care) - Petrol/Diesel £199

All of the above PLUS: Check suspension dampers, add screen wash and top up fluids (excludes anti-freeze), fit new air filter, fit new park plugs (petrol only).

Gold (Total Care) - Petrol/Diesel £275

All of the above PLUS: Check rear brake pads / shoes, check and adjust handbrake operation, check and adjust clutch cable freeplay (where applicable), pressure check cooling system, check and adjust idle speed (where applicable), fit new fuel filter (where fitted), check air con system - report only, check emissions - report only, carry out road test*

Please note this offer is only available by appointment and must be requested at time of booking. Offer is limited to Fiat and Mazda cars over 3 years old at point of booking, excludes commercial vehicles, 5 cylinder engines and rotary engines.